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Clean Carpet provides the best professional services in clening carpets in Bucharest.

We use the best and latest professional tehnology machines in carpets washing and cleaning.

The carpet carried by conveyor belts, goes through the four stages arranged in the washing train.

First stage: The carpet starts the shampooing, you can vary the flow of the spray, depending on the thickness of the carpet. The soap is introduced by a variable caudal pump; the soap is taken directly from the bottle of shampoo.

Second stage: In this area, the brushing is performed, several brushes (depending on the model) arranged on a slides move from one side to the other of the washing train. These slides are equipped with a pneumatic system in order to control the pressure apply to the carpet. This pressure varies from 0 to 60 kgs. per slide. The brushes’ direction of rotation is changed from the control panel, thus contributing to a long life of the brushes as there is no stale hair.

Third stage: In this area, the carpet is thoroughly rinsed and combed.

Fourth stage: During this stage the carpet is rolled and it is ready for the entry into the spin dryer, without any additional operation being required.

With this washing train, brushes, water and shampoo are only used in the area where the carpet travels. As there are no dead spots, it is possible to achieve significant savings in water and detergent consumption.

The whole process provides cleaning quality currently unimaginable for washing trains.


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